Our sensory curriculum is in the developmental stages. Planning and resources are evolving to provide an increasingly rich and balanced curriculum.

Saxon Wood prides itself on our provision for children with multisensory and complex medical needs. Staff in the sensory class are experienced in working alongside children with a range of sensory needs including, but not limited to, visual, auditory and multisensory impairment as well as those with PMLD. Both Oak and Willow (nursery) teachers have qualifications from SENSE and NATSIP respectively and have cascaded this training to their class teams where appropriate.

All staff in this class are experienced in utilising multichannel communication strategies such as Objects of Reference, Eyegaze, hand-on-body signing, Makaton and symbolic communication in order to best facilitate children in accessing and understanding the world around them.

Physiotherapy and positioning happens across the day in class and programmes are devised according to children's individual needs. The wide range of sensory resources, including the option to black out Oak Class and turn it into its own sensory room, serves as the perfect motivator to make therapy sessions enjoyable and engaging.

Our Acheeva bed learning stations and positioning equipment also allows for children with highly complex medical needs to continue to engage in activities while positioned at an optimal level of safety and comfort.

Class staff work closely with our onsite Associate Medical Practitioner and between us we are able to competently deal with a wide range of medical needs. It is a priority for us that all children feel safe, comfortable and happy.