At Saxon Wood we use a combination of mainstream and SEN approaches to meet the needs of our children. We recognise that reading for the pupils at Saxon Wood encompasses more than an ability to read the written text. Many of our children are at a pre reading stage of development and a large majority are either non verbal or have limited speech. To meet these needs we use a wide range of strategies in addition to exposure to reading across the curriculum. These include symbol timetables, symbol based communication devices, objects of reference, tactile timetables, and PECS. For pre reading children, children with severe visual or hearing impairments we use a range of sensory materials. All of these strategies are used to enable children to decode and understand the world around them.

In addition:

  • We use the Oxford Reading Tree scheme and have a large selection of fiction, nonfiction and poetry to match each of the stages.
  • Enlarged Oxford Reading Tree books are available for children with visual impairment.
  • In school we access The Oxford Owl website which has a selection of online audio books and activities. Children are encouraged to use this at home. Click the image below to visit the Oxford Owl website:

  • We use Espresso which supports literacy skills. Children can access this at home with their own login.
  • Taped stories and CDs are available for children with visual impairments to listen to stories independently.
  • The Hampshire Library Service provides us with additional books and materials on a termly basis to support our areas of study and to meet pupils' interests.
  • Phonics is taught across the school using a combination of Jolly Phonics and Letters and Sounds.
  • ICT such as iPads or tablets are used to encourage reading as well as ICT skills.
  • Displays and worksheets and class based resources are often produced using symbols to increase children’s access to written material.
  • Each year we celebrate Book Week and children have an opportunity to get involved in all sorts of fun activities related to reading.
  • Our school library area is updated on a regular basis

IEP targets along with reading records are used to measure progress and identify areas in need of improvement/development. The Speech and Language therapy and communication programmes also reinforce language acquisition and functional reading.