Staff have examined a range of approaches and studied relevant research, and our practice is under continual review. We believe that we are using the most effective and appropriate methods for our pupils. Saxon Wood aims to be a school with a therapeutic environment. In practice this means that during a pupil's day, he or she may be undertaking a therapeutic programme whilst simultaneously working at curricular activities such as literacy or mathematics. Wherever possible they are undertaking therapeutic activities in a functional and meaningful way.

All pupils for whom it is appropriate will have a Physical Management Programme. This is an outline of how each pupil's needs are going to be met, through postural management, mobility activities and independence skills practice. All staff are trained how to facilitate pupils' movements, and are aware of the current physical and functional independence goals for each of their pupils. These goals are discussed and reviewed termly at interdisciplinary class discussion. We believe that this combined approach is most likely to enable each pupil to achieve his or her potential in terms of independent function.