Mission Statement

Saxon Wood School strives to provide rich, creative, challenging and stimulating educational opportunities for all within a safe, healthy, happy, caring and inclusive environment. There is a strong family ethos where everyone is valued for their individual contribution irrespective of gender, ethnicity, ability, or age. The importance of working in partnership with parents, other professionals and the wider community is recognised. Saxon Wood sets high but realistic expectations for all and encourages everyone to discover the joy of learning so that they may thrive, gain independence and be given every opportunity to achieve their full potential.


Saxon Wood aims to:

  • Provide equality of opportunity for all
  • Make a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum accessible to all pupils
  • Provide and develop a range of teaching approaches which recognise different learning styles
  • Set learning goals suitably differentiated to meet individual needs
  • Provide the additional specialist help needed to enable pupils to become as independent as possible
  • Recognise, acknowledge, support and develop individual communication skills
  • Develop enthusiastic, active learners by providing challenging experiences to promote the joy of discovery
  • Develop self-learning and interaction skills via free or structured play
  • Build relationships based on mutual respect
  • Encourage pupils to manage their own behaviour appropriately
  • Equip pupils with information on which to make safe and healthy choices
  • Encourage parents to be involved in their child’s learning and school life
  • Work collaboratively with other professionals and members of the wider school community
  • Prepare pupils to take their place in society as respected and valued individuals.


School Governors are unpaid volunteers who help the Head Teacher manage Saxon Wood School. They meet formally twice each term for about one and a half hours. Amongst other tasks, Governors help

  • monitor the curriculum and how the school operates
  • set a financial budget, monitor spending and approve actions where new costs are involved
  • set School Improvement Targets and help formulate the School Development Plan
  • receive and discuss the Head Teacher's termly reports on the school
  • approve School outings programmes.

There is one Local Education Appointed Governor, three Parent Governors, one Staff Governor, three Co-opted Governors and the Head Teacher on the Governing body.

Ivan Gideon

Ivan Gideon has been on the governing body since 2018.

Ben Walton

Ben Walton, Chair of Governors and Parent Governor. "As a parent of a pupil at Saxon Wood I have been inspired by the amazing staff and pupils at the school to become a governor and help with the running of the school"

Nick Forsyth

Nick Forsyth became a Governor in 2011. His daughter Phoebe attended Saxon Wood. Nick is a Senior Tutor at a grammar school and has organised for his own students to fund-raise and visit Saxon Wood. He knows therefore what a huge difference a successful and well managed school can make.

Peter Carter

Peter Carter became a Community Governor in 2015 after leaving Saxon Wood where he was school caretaker.

Wendy Morgan

Wendy Morgan. Parent Governor.

Nicky Eastlea

Nicky Estlea has been a Class Teacher at Saxon Wood since 2007. She originally started teaching in Key Stage 2 before taking over as the Nursery Teacher after returning from maternity leave in 2010. Nicky has been a staff governor since 2013.

Richard Parratt

Richard Parratt has been Head Teacher and a Governor since September 2010.

Dave Beere

Dave Beere joined the governing body in 2017. Dave is one of the minibus drivers and is interested in all aspects of the school.

Ofsted Report

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